We believe that who we are is as important as what we do

Our team members are fully engaged to a single purpose, to impact your organization towards transformation and growth.

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Emet Partners - USA

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Emet Partners - CHILE

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Santiago - Chile

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Gonzalo Zubieta

CEO  & Founder

Experienced strategist, consultant and specialist in Business Transformation; testing business strategies, transitions and mergers. Fifteen years of experience  with multinational companies in USA and South America as a consultant and analyst.  At a management level, vast experience in projects with  Fortune 500 Companies and Family Businesses.

Gonzalo foto

Strategy with a Soul

The best strategy takes into account the human talent.

Purpose with a Destiny

A virtuous purpose is the one that pursues a meaningful destiny to transcend.

Leadership with Engagement

Fully engaged teams can outperform their own limitations.

Our Identity